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Anonymous said: your opinion: should kristen scream like lacey did?

People are different,
Pat can scream, so if Flyleaf still wants to use screaming in their music Pat can scream, Kristen doesn’t have to ruin her beautiful voice because of that.

Take my handLet’s leave this place
Take my hand
Let’s leave this place

Back at it ✌️ #flyleafontour #flyleaf #twodaysoffwasawesome

Back at it ✌️ #flyleafontour #flyleaf #twodaysoffwasawesome




Who remembers when flyleaf use to be good.

Yup. Throwback to, like, yesterday. Songs like Set Me On Fire and Platonic and Thread are my jams, man.


Older Flyleaf photos, courtesy of

"I remember... I heard a preacher talking about giving all your gifts and talents to the Lord to use however He would want, and  not burying your talents, and after that sermon I just tried to think of everything that I could do and how I could give that to God..." 

Flyleaf performs an acoustic version of ‘Platonic’ at Q104.3.

Kristen May of Flyleaf  - photograph by Derek Brad

Kristen May of Flyleaf  - photograph by Derek Brad

Lacey Sturm on the set of “I’m So Sick”